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Best sellers

UV treated Grow Bags

These are UV treated plastic grow bags for green house cultivation, soil less farming, as well as for home gardening,nurseries, industrial gardening and organic production.


Hi-CROP® is a Certified Organic Fertilizer for Foliar Spray. Hi-Crop is combination of various Organic Matters, Organic Carbon, Organic N-P-K and Plant Extract Auxins.


VIVEKON COW URINE a filtered Cow Urine collected from various traditional Small Land Holders and filtered to remove any other contents.

COW Dung Powder

Cow dung is used as organic fertilizers since start of the farming and its proven organic fertilizer.

Ultra Size

ULTRA-SIZE® is a Certified Organic Fertilizer for Fruit & Vegetable Growth size.ULTRA-SIZE rich in Organic Potassium(k),Organic Nitrogen(N) and various Plant and Animal Extracts and Auxins.

Ultra ACT

ULTRA ACT® is an Organic Certified Broad Spectrum Botanical Pesticide and also effective plant food. It’s a combination of various Plants, Seeds and Animal Extracts.


SIGMA CHITOSSAN is an organic fungal repellent which is natural Chitosan extracted from sea crab shells. SIGMA CHITOSSAN act as effective fungal repellant for all type of fungus.