“KISAN EXPO – 2018” Alligo Horizon synonymous with Organic Movement
Combine Result of Grower and other Poorva Chemtech products
Excellent fruit setting by VIVEKON product ULTRA-SETT.
Results of organic approved product - ULTRA SIZE.
Excellent yield by use of organic Certified - GROWER
Result of Ultra-Size in Yezd Iran..
Combine result of Ultra-Size and Ultra-set in South Iran.
Results of Ultra-Size in Kumulcha area in Turkey
farmer showing excellent results of Grower.
VIVEKON Certified Organic product results in Turkey
Development of root zone in paddy due to application of silicon Satisfied customer from Australia with received products. customer from Netherlands using orgakart products on his organic white rose cultivation
Excellent results of ULTRA-K , organic fertilizer on sugar beat in North Iran.
Farm step delivery of organic books by orgakart executive.
Workshop for home gardener in Hyderabad.
orgakart supporter from Korea
Organic supporter from Myanmar
Healthy Crop due to use of ULTRA ACTION-K in Iran. Product by M & M Industries
Result of GROWER on Lady finger. Product by Poorva Chemtech.
Results of GROWER on Egg plant. Product by Poorva Chemtech.
Healthy crop due use of Grower . product by Poorva Chemtech
Excellent Result of Ami-Grow and Grower. Products by Poorva Chemtech
Good results by use of Grower and Amigrow, Products by Poorva Chemtech.
Banana Fruit setting by ULTRA-SETT, Product by M & M Industries.
Combine result of Vivekon Product in Turkey, Green House.
Excellent fruit quality by Poorva Chemtech products - Amigrow and Grower
Excellent results of VIVEKON products in Turkey, Green house Tomato.
Good results of Grower and Amingrow, products by Poorva Chemtech
Organic certified insect repellent by VIVEKON in Iran
Organic Certified Fungal repellent in Iran , by M & M Industries
Ultimate product and plant health due to use certified organic inputs of M & M Industries.
Result of certified organic inputs of M & M Industries.
Good crop health by use of Grower. Product by Poorva Chemtech
Good crop health by Vivekon Organic products
Good quality organic certified yield by using certified organic inputs of M & M Industries
Bumper crop by using organic fertilizers products of M & M Industries
Results of use of ULTRA-SIZE and ULTRA-Booster in Turkey
Happy, Satisfied customer with VIKO-HUMATE.
ORGAKART Satisfied customer Mr.Yuvraj Chand From New Delhi
Magic gro Plant care Feedback from customer
Magic Grow plant care feedback from customer
Magic Gro Plant care Feedback from Manager-Chemical industry
Magic Gro Plant care Feedback Sanjay Nursery Pune
Satisfied Customer with Garden Green and Hi corp.