Immunity booster against chewing pest.

Size of Product in Grams / Kilo Grams or Milliliter /Litre

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Salient Features-

  • Certified broad spectrum organic immunity developer against chewing pest.
  • Overall control as targets all larvae stages. 100% Organic and residue free.
  • Quick result around 48 to 72 hours. Absolutely harm- free to crop, honeybees and beneficial insects.
  • Increases carbohydrate utilization rate of plant.

Develops Immunity Against-

Chewing Pest Larvae, Caterpillar, Spodoptera, Helicoverpa, etc.

Target Crops:

Fruit crops, Vegetable Crops, Flowers, Oilseed Crops, Leguminous plants, Paddy, Wheat, Onion, Cotton, Berries, Sugarcane, Brinjal, Watermelon, Cucurbits, etc


Algal extract- 10%

Nitrogen- 0.4%

Potash- 0.2%

Stabilizer- 10%

Aqua- Q.S.


2ml/Liter with Budys sprader (0.5 ml/Liter)

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