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DON-SUPER is approved organic input for all types of crops. Its natural amino acids based products which is used as organic-stimulant to increase yield by increasing size and shape of the fruit and vegetables.


G-LONG is organic approved input, which is combination of plant and animal extracts. Act as Bio-stimulant to increase size and weight of the fruits.


ORGIREECH is a Certified Organic Prevention for all type of crops including Floricultures & Horticultures and easily dissolves in water, rich in plant organic contents as well as mineral elements.


ORGISHAKTEE is a Certified Organic Antifeedent an ideal blending and concentration of Seaweeds with bitter substances together with Glyricidia, cow urine for Foliar Spray. ORGISHAKTEE a Certified Organic Prevention and protection for all type of crops including Floricultures & Horticultures, rich in plant organic content as well as mineral element and easily dissolves in water.