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Organica Biotech, a leading biotech company provides biotech solutions for wastewater treatment, aquaculture, agriculture, lake bioremediation and solid waste management. Organica Biotech is committed to develop environmentally responsible products that provide effective natural solutions to even the most complex problems. Promoted by technocrats, Organica Biotech has a track record of developing path-breaking products that have been well accepted globally.

Organica Biotech invests continually in educating farmers and industries alike, about  benefits of microbes and enzymes which is the way forward. We work closely with our associates in providing knowhow and enhancing the understanding of the benefits of using advanced scientific knowledge based organic inputs to farmers. We also regularly associate with educational seminars and exhibitions through various agencies involved in spreading the benefits of eco friendly products. Free workshops related to "wastewater microbiology" at our R&D unit in Mumbai has already benefitted various wastewater professionals across segments in India.

We consistently maintain highest standards for all our products and are certified by various National and International agencies. We are an ISO 9001 & 14000 certfied company. The core strength of our company is our R&D.  Our technical competency and  R&D activities enables us to understand the problems and provide cost effective solutions in the shortest period of time as per the need of any given situation. In these past 13 years since incorporation, more than a billion litres of waste water and more than a million hectares of agricultural land have been treated with our products across the globe.

Our products undergo rigorous protocols at our in house DSIR approved R&D centre. Organica Biotech is probably the only Indian biotech company successfully exporting its range of products related to environment, agriculture, aquaculture, feed probiotics and industrial enzymes to over 30 countries across the globe.

"the difference is research"

Organica Biotech Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in 2000 by professional biotechnologists with wide techno commercial experience. The company is engaged in development of specialty biotech products for use in agriculture, aquaculture, bio remediation and animal health care. Having in-house state of the art R&D center and technologically advanced manufacturing facility the company has further diversified into developing enzyme formulations, stabilized microbial consortia, proprietary herbal formulations, pre & pro biotics and specialty chemicals. The Company is committed to the cause of industry and environment together.

Our vision is to strive for innovation and cater best economic & eco friendly solutions for our customers. Our team lays a strong emphasis on high product standards that underlines our name in the industry. The strength of Organica Biotch Pvt. Ltd. is the best blend of human assets and technology that offers more choices for fully serving the interests of man and environment together. It is our constant endeavor to search for newer products and optimize our current processes that enables us to be competitive in the market place without compromise on quality 
Force behind our success : Stakeholders, employees and customers
At Organica Biotech Pvt. Ltd., emphasis is given to cater to the needs of the customers through good quality services and products. We owe a great deal to our stakeholders who have supported and guided us all the way through. We have always been the ‘first-choice’ amongst all the quality conscious customers and have proven our credentials under real-world conditions. The business works closely with customers using research and development to introduce intelligent system solutions and sophisticated products to suit the end consumer's need. Our R&D centre at Mumbai is recognized by “Government Of India (Department of Biotechnology)”

Organica Biotech Pvt. Ltd. business practice is to cultivate clients for life and this is best achieved by providing great customer support. All our products are backed with technical support provided by qualified, trained and experienced professionals

Contact Us :

Organica Biotech Pvt. Ltd.

36, Ujagar Industrial Estate, 

W.T. Patil Marg,

Govandi, Mumbai 400 088


Phone +91-22-67975150

Mr Krishna Moorthy - 9594453388

Miss Nishita Bhuttar – 8422969617



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Bioclean Compost - Organic product for solid waste composting

Bioclean Compost is an environment-friendly biotechnology product, comprising of selectively isolated microbial strains that can enhance the decomposition process and convert organic wastes into high value organic manure. "Bioclean Compost"contains naturally derived specific soil microbes that can utilize non-living organic matter as a food source. These beneficial bacteria produce specific enzymes that help them effectively degrade organic waste matter . Addition of Bioclean compost ensures the presence of an active microbial population throughout the dynamic chemical and physical processes of composting.

Magic Gro Plant care - Organic Plant growth Promoter

Magic Gro Plant Care consists of a proprietary blend of beneficial soil microbes that biologically enhance the uptake of nutrients and microelements from soil to ensure superior plant growth. Magic Gro Plant Care is a 100% natural and certified organic soil enhancer. It promotes better establishment and improved growth of both indoor and outdoor plants in all types of soils and growing media.