Female Flowering Booster

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  • Complete organic Flowering stimulant combination.
  • Increases flower forming substances by optimizing auxin, cytokinin and gibbrellic acid, Ethylene ratio
  • Orgiflem induces higher level of flower forming secondary metabolites, increasing flowers by more than 60 to 75%            and yield.
  • Enhances color, sugar content, fruit firmness and flower sturdiness.
  • Increases nitrogen uptake and gives growth stimulation.
  • Increases yield due to more protein and carbohydrate synthesis.
  • Increases effectiveness against biotic and abiotic stress like high temperature, salinity, alkalinity and herbicide treatment.


Target Crops:

         Apple, soybean, pomegranate, blackgram, bengalgram, whitegram, peas, vegetable, cotton, brinjal , floriculture plants,          grapes, tomato, cucumber, watermelon, banana, rice, sugarcane, potato, onion, berries, and other fruits, oilseeds, beets, etc.



        Fungal extract- 07%

        Organic Copper- 0.01%

        Potash- 0.04%

        Organic Zinc- 0.03%

        Antifreeze agent- 01%

        Aqua- Q.S.



       2ml/Liter with Budy's sprader (0.5 ml/Liter)

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