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ORGIMICROBES is a Certified Organic, enriches Soil application. ORGIMICROBES is an ideal mixture of naturally available microbes and bacteria from deep thick green forest and other natural sources. It may contain lactic acid bacteria; yeast, azotobacter Spp, aspergillus Spp, penicillium Spp. Pseudomonas Spp. Trichoderma Spp, Bacillus Spp. Ideal combination for preparing effective mixture for biocompost.


ORGInpky is a Certified Organic enriches soil, make roots and other parts of the plants resistant to adverse conditions. It improves overall growth in agricultural fields; particularly area or part of field poor in growth/yields. Easily dissolves in water. Foliar Spray, Enriches Soil, Roots and Plants.


ORGISHAKTEE is a Certified Organic Antifeedent an ideal blending and concentration of Seaweeds with bitter substances together with Glyricidia, cow urine for Foliar Spray. ORGISHAKTEE a Certified Organic Prevention and protection for all type of crops including Floricultures & Horticultures, rich in plant organic content as well as mineral element and easily dissolves in water.