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Bhusampada is organic certified soil conditioner,full of organic matter and organic nutrients. Bhusampada releases humic and fulvic acid which helps in:Root zone chelation,Improves structure and texture of the soil,Buffering action,Sodium management.
Rs: 790.4


Botalax is an organic bio-fertilizer Product includes highly concentrated Probiotic species of bacteria which gives the antifungal effect in completely water soluble form.
Rs: 387.6

CAP - Alert Biotech

CAP® is an Organic Fertilizer, it is a combination of minerals such as Calcium, Amino Acids and Mineral extracts act as Mineral Source and Natural Fungus Repellent.
Rs: 319.2


cHARGER is L-CYSTINE based organic foliar fertilizer. Gives vegetative growth, branches and flowering. Convert maximum flowers into fruits.
Rs: 456

COW Dung Powder

Cow dung is used as organic fertilizers since start of the farming and its proven organic fertilizer.
Rs: 228

Digital pH Meter

This is electronic pH meter to test pH of water or any solution. It’s pocket size instrument with high accuracy.
Rs: 2,204


DIVINE® is an organic certified plant growth enhancer, plant growth promoter. Divine is product of Krishidoot Bio Herbals, a house of organic product. Divine is derived from Tulsi (Basil) plant extract.With the use of Divine we can achieve huge tillering and flowering, increased bearing of fruits and size of fruits.
Rs: 677.92


DON-SUPER is approved organic input for all types of crops. Its natural amino acids based products which is used as organic-stimulant to increase yield by increasing size and shape of the fruit and vegetables.
Rs: 212.8