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Vermi Compost

Vermi-Compost is very effective fertilizer for all types of Vegetable and Fruit Crops.
Rs: 197.6

Coco Peat

Coco-peat is a multipurpose growing medium made out of coconut husk. The fibrous coconut husk is pre washed, machine dried, sieved and made free from sand and other contamination such as animal and plant residue.
Rs: 836

Garden Green (Organic Manure)

Garden green is organic manure for your home garden with rich nutrient source and organic carbon.
Rs: 182.4


Grow-R is a well balanced combination of Fulvic Acid, Amino Acid, Sea Weed Extract & Hydrolysed Protein Complex. It acts as a growth promoter & helpful for overall development of crops.
Rs: 425.6

Hand Gloves

A must have Gardening Gear for Young Nature Lovers, Kids and All!
Rs: 273.6

Neem Cake Powder

Neem Cake Powder is used as a very good organic fertilizer as well as used in Pest and Insect Management in Organic Farming.
Rs: 182.4

Protekt – Insect Repellant

This is well option for chemical pesticide for the control of jassids, aphids, mealy bugs, thrips etc. it is not harmful to the beneficial insects like ladybird beetles, honeybees, predators & parasites etc.
Rs: 425.6

Shade Net or Shade Netting

Shade Net maintain proper humidity and temperature in shade net farming house. Shade net is also used for parking shades, compounds, nursery plantation and harvest packing shade.
Rs: 76