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Femigrow boosts number of female or reproductive flower by activation of re- productive hormones.
Rs: 425.6

Gardening Trimmer

The heavy duty garden plant hedge trimmer for cutting grass and bushes. A must have gardening gadget for everyone!
Rs: 1,185.6


G-LONG is organic approved input, which is combination of plant and animal extracts. Act as Bio-stimulant to increase size and weight of the fruits.
Rs: 828.4

Head Pressure Hand Sprayer

The Head Pressure Sprayers offers a whole new approach to one hand pressure spraying.
Rs: 744.8

Head Pressure Sprayer 3 L

The Head Pressure Sprayers offers a whole new approach to spraying.
Rs: 1,611.2

Neem Cake Powder

Neem Cake Powder is used as a very good organic fertilizer as well as used in Pest and Insect Management in Organic Farming.
Rs: 182.4


N-Grow is 100 % natural organic produce containing phytochemicals which absorbs Nitrogen from soil and air and also provide chlorophyll to facilitate plant growth.
Rs: 494


Oracle is an organic certified Chitosan based product from Krishidoot Bio Herbals, a house of organic product. Chitosan is derived from sea crab and shrimps
Rs: 538.08