VISILON8083® is an organic certified Non-Ionic Silicon Super Spreader. VISILON8083 is non-ionic silicon super spreader.
Manufacturer: M & M Industries

Size of Product in Grams / Kilo Grams or Milliliter /Litre

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VISILON8083® is an organic certified Non-Ionic Silicon Super Spreader. 

  • VISILON8083 is World's Top Most Process Patented Technology
  • VISILON8083  acts as Super Spreader
  • VISILON8083  acts as Penetrator
  • VISILON8083  acts as Activator
  • VISILON8083  acts as Superior Tank Mix
  • VISILON8083  acts as Plant Growth Promoter
  • VISILON8083  acts as Provides Free Silicon to plant.
  • VISILON8083  acts as Compatible with all Pesticides, Fertilizers and PGRs. 

Dosages : 0.1ml of VISILON8083 per lit of water for foliar spray as tank mix and 50ml of VISILON8083 for 200 L of water for soil application for fertigation.

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