Vivekon Agro-Sciences Private Limited launched a mission - Protect Food, Protect Earth, Protect Next Generation - GO Organic, -

Thursday, June 25, 2015

June 15th 2015 – Nashik, based Vivekon Agro-Sciences Private Limited, launched a mission backed by a portal for ‘Protect Food, Protect Earth, Protect Next Generation - Go Organic!’, via the platform  at Hotel Express In, Nashik.


The launch of platform was attended by various Organic Farming Community members, including Leading Farmers, Agro-Dealers, Organic Inputs Manufacturers and Organic Farming Community Supporters, and Eminent Members of the Press.


The Ceremony began with by lighting holy lamps, by the Parents and Senior Family Members of Vivekon Group, and Chief Guests.


Chief Guest Prof. Vikas Sandhan, Principal of K. K. Wagh College of Horticulture, Nashik and well known Veteran Farmer, Leader and Chairman of Kadawa Sugar - Shriramji Shete.


Team Orgakart welcomed the Guests, followed by Introduction of


Mr. Manohar Shete, Director of, briefed on the need of Organic Farming, International Organic Concepts and how the Orgakart helps the community, farmers and gardeners achieve Organic Farming successfully.


Mr. Shete explained the ‘Go Organic Mission’ and the Vision, Objectives or the

Prof. Vikas Sandhan guided audience on the development of Organic Farming and Sustainable Organic Farming and associated Practices.


Shriramji Shete, addressed in very simple language about importance of Certified Organic Inputs and its use. How agro-chemicals are affecting on our health and next generation.


The Chief Guests launched the -the Home of Certified Organic Inputs! The wonderful evening was graced by showers of light rains and was full of GO Organic Mission.


Mrs. Mangal Shete, the Director of expressed the Votes of Thanks!


Several eminent agriculturists, Organic Inputs Manufacturers, Agro-Dealers, and the Organic Community Members expressed their thoughts and support to GO Organic Mission through Orgakart Video Bytes.


The launch ceremony was concluded followed by a gala-dinner and social networking.


About – the Home of Certified Organic Inputs!,- a cutting edge technology enabled platform enabling farmers, agriculturists, gardeners and home-gardeners meet their cultivation requirements.


The salient features the platform offers to the registered users are:


  • provides highly secured transactions, data transmission over internet with 2048 bits encryption, backed by GeoTrust Extended Validation.
  • offers products across several categories as:

o    Certified Organic Fertilizers for Soil Application

o    Certified Organic Fertilizers for Foliar Spray Application

o    Certified Organic Micro-Nutrients

o    Certified Organic Fungicides

o    Certified Organic Bio-Pesticides / Bio-Repellents

o    Certified Organic Insecticides

o    Probiotics Inputs

o    Farming Machinery and Tools

o    Home Gardening

o    Books on Agriculture, Cultivation and Organic Farming in English, Hindi and Marathi

Choice of Products and Variants – as per needs, smaller packs for gardeners to large and bulk for large farms.

  • is supported by a Network of Certified Organic Inputs
  • Seek Expert Guidance, Advice from Experienced Agronomists without any fees. The users can submit advice request with a detailed challenges, issues or situations along with photographs, images etc.
  • team provides 24x7 support to its users, customers and registered members over telephone, SMS, WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber-Chat as well as Orgakart Live-Chat.
  • Registered Users can leverage the knowledge from the Guides Sections as well as can share the experiences, outcomes via Video and Image Gallery.
  • – offers its users a seamless, easy to register way along with using Facebook account to login, share information and spread the GO Organic Mission with their social networks.
  • Orgakart offers several payment methods such as Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Internet Banking along with Cash-On-Delivery to Indian Customers, and Credit Cards and Paypal Express to its International Customers.
  • There are no shipping charges for delivery in India, while nominal shipping charges which are weight-based charges for the International Customers.
  • For Registration, as well as each transaction the user makes on Organic, to encourage the users, Orgakart offers Rewards which can be redeemed against purchases on Orgakart.
  • Customers can also buy eGift Cards and Gift it to their friends and families to spread the GO Organic Mission!