Watering Can -10 Litre

A must have Gardening Gear for All!
$11.16 Price Inclusive of All Taxes.

The watering can with heavy duty plastic body and a strong,durable nose.

Comes with a fine oval nose for watering pots and saucers.Two handles are provided for convenience of the holding and hanging.

Used extensively for houshold lawns & gardens.This is the most popular size of watering can.

It has many uses in the garden including watering the following

  • Vegetables or flower beds
  • Newly planted hedges
  • Window boxes         
  • Young plants in a cold frame
  • Plants in a green house


  • Ideal watering can for most gardens.
  • It is the ideal compromise between the capacity and weight (when full).
  • It gives a good steady rate of water distribution.
  • The watering can itself is very strong but light.
  • It has a smooth easy grip handles.


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